Monday, February 24, 2014

Winter Olympics 2014

We are working our way through world history by studying different countries within each continent. It just so happened that the Sochi olympics coincided with our study of Russia. I jumped on the chance to incorporate the history of the winter olympics into our studies. Before I knew it, Howard and I had planned a night of winter games for our kids.

We kicked off the night with an olympic oath. The kids had to promise to be good competitors, win or lose and to try their best. 

From their we moved onto the torch relay. We began it by running around our bedroom and then passing the torch to each child in order of age, and having them run around their room (or country) before passing it to the next sibling.
We then all paraded down to the place we had designated as the place for the torch to be "lit" to begin the games.

We had a moguls event where the kids had to jump back and forth across the line from beginning to end.

We did every event at least twice but the kids could only medal in it once. :)

Each event was followed by a medals ceremony, where the kids took turns receiving the different place medals while Howard and I hummed very loudly the first few bars of our national anthem. 

On a side note disregard those terrible olympic rings. We were all trying to draw them from memory and what a terrible thing memory can be!

This was our version of the slalom. The kids had to slide between the cups as fast as they could without knocking them down.

Chase was in love with the skeleton events so we tried it out, but it didn't really work well on the floor...

We had a figure skating event. Each competitor had to spin on one leg one time and then sit down and spin (a sit-spin) and finally twirl around three times before completing their performance with a leap. 

Howard is showing his off here. :) Yes, mommy and daddy participated, we just didn't win any medals!

Tanner showing off his sit-spin.

Mommy's turn!

Our modified curling event.

Many nights prior to the family olympics, and a few after, the kids would spend the time at the beginning of the real olympics performing their versions of the different events. Here they are snowboarding. Alexa is locking in her boots and Chase is performing a jump.

The kids had a great time and we topped it all off with popcorn and the real olympics on TV. 

I used this woman's site for our medals and many of the ideas for our events. It was a really great night of laughter for us!

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