Monday, September 26, 2011

Day at the Park

We spent one of our last days of vacation at a park we visit about once a year, as it's pretty far from us. We had just started our walk on the bike path when we startled a doe and her baby and a third deer. By the time I got my camera out and on they were all spooked but it was so cool. We were much closer before they ran but of course I didn't have my camera out!

The bike path winds for two miles to a small waterfall. Chase loved sending leaves, sticks, you name it down the small waterfall.
Chase rode his tricycle with the inflatable tires on this day. He did 4 miles on that little bike! We were blown away by his stamina!

It turned out to be a very breezy and cool day at the lake so Alexa complained about being "freezing". I had to wrap her in the baby's burp cloth to try and warm her up! Our little guy was dressed appropriately and was as smiley and good natured as ever. (Oh I love this picture of both of them!) :)

We just so happened to show up on a day when the local sail club was having a meet. You could hear the horns blasting and watch the boats line up and sail their way across the water in sprints. The kids thought that was very cool. We packed a picnic lunch and ate after our walk. It was just a fun, outdoors event for us.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Catching Up

     It's been a pretty busy summer. These last few weeks have been filled with fun for us. I'm going to try and work backward through our summer season so that I can catch you up on our goings on through a series of blogs. We'll start with our anniversary I guess! Howard and I celebrated 7 years on September 18. Our anniversary came at the end of a week long vacation our family had taken. We went to a great Italian restaurant for dinner while the kids stayed home with my brother's family.
     Howard bought champagne that we tried later that night. Not our cup of tea. We've tried several champagnes over the years and haven't been impressed. I don't drink (ever) and so I do not like strong alcohol flavor and Howard just wasn't impressed with it. Anyone have a favorite they can recommend for next year?
     It was a sweet day for us. Seven years have flown by. We look at our three kids and just can't believe how much our lives have changed since we said our "I dos". Next up, our vacation!