Friday, August 29, 2008

New Playset

Chase got a playset for the backyard. I said we would never get one because they clutter the yard and fade out to ugly over time BUT this one has already faded to an okay color and it was sitting in the driveway of one of our neighbors for free so we couldn't pass it up. Chase loves it! It took him all of one day to figure out how to climb all three sides. He no longer goes down facing foward. He will either go down on his stomach or lay on his back and go down. He is such a wild man!

This was the second day when he was still going down facing forward.

Second day climbing. He doesn't concentrate this hard to get up. He was laughing so hard one day when he climbed up it that he fell right off! Probably one of the best freebies we've picked up in a while. Mommy can sit down for a little rest and Chase still gets to burn some energy!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Family Visit

First of all, Chase is in LOVE with Rita's. He can eat water ice faster than Howard can get it on the spoon! In fact, he gets quite intent on what Howard is doing and if the spoon goes past him (Chase) to Howard's mouth he gets really upset! :)

Secondly, Howard's sister Stephanie and her kids, Austin and Gwen came in for a visit in the beginning of August. They live in Washington state now so we don't get to see them too often. The only person missing from the photo is Steph's husband Jason who was unable to fly in for the week. We had a nice visit with them, still can't get over how much the kids change and grow in a year!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Chase has been having such a great summer. We've spent a lot of time in his swimming pool but it is starting to get too heavy for me to be dumping all the time so I got the sprinkler out the other day and he had a blast! He loved it until it would start swinging down towards him then he'd turn and start running away in sheer panic. He finally figured out that if he ran around to the other side he could play in the water for a little while before it reached him again. Any time he can get his hands on the hose he thinks it's the most fun.

We've been trying to walk everyday since I need the exercise and it helps Chase burn off some of the excess energy he has. We've made it around the 1/3 of a mile and 1/2 mile loops in our development without me having to carry him. The other day he pointed that he wanted to go the 1 mile route I used to push him in the stroller. He almost made it the whole way. I only had to carry him a short distance! When we got back to the house he needed a short rest and then he was rarin' to go again. He has so much energy! Thank goodness for matchbox cars and the giant Tonka truck we got him. He pushes the Tonka truck around the 1/3 of a mile and it gives him quite a work out. When he gets tired I pop him in the bed and start pulling him which he thinks is quite cool. In the picture he's reading his truck book right after he got the truck.

We've been having a great time enjoying the sunshine and being outside. Chase never wants to come in so we take frequent walks. He's become an expert at pointing out the birds, trees, airplanes and the moon whenever it is out during the day. He doesn't miss much and it's often a challenge for me to pick up on what it is that he's pointing out to me!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Little Bits of Sunshine

I just LOVE Black Eyed Susans. There is something naturally uplifting about them. I see them and feel happy. A little patch of these wild flowers is better to me than beautifully landscaped gardens. Howard and Chase gave me a few plants for Mother's Day this year so that I can grow my own bed of them. The results so far delight me!

Today I was reminded again of the fact that God loves me and sees my every need. I was feeling very down about my diabetes. I just started an insulin pump and have had to get up at midnight and 3am every night to check my blood sugar. It has made me tired and weepy and not very happy. I was whining to the Lord about it and getting somewhat angry over the whole situation. I even was complaining to my mom when she called to see how I was doing.

I called in my blood sugar numbers this afternoon like I am supposed to and the RN I talk to told me my numbers are better than she ever expected for someone who just started the pump. In fact my numbers are almost perfect and she sees no reason why I should be getting up in the middle of the night to check my numbers! I got off the phone once again completely humbled by the Lord. He does know my name and every hair on my head. Even though I still don't understand why this all had to happen He keeps reminding me that He's in control of even the littlest of details and my best interests are held close to His heart. Thank you Lord for answered prayer and little bits of sunshine You send to brighten my day.