Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Things About You May Not Know

Okay, here's a little fun for today. A lot of this stuff has been circulating on Facebook so I'd thought it would be fun to share here. Howard and I made our own "25's" and took turns sharing them with each other. Some of the stuff was funny because we are so opposite and we kept thinking of things not on the list. Things we didn't know about each other which was fun. If you read our blog consider yourself "tagged" and leave your top 25 for us in the comments section. :-)
25 Things to Share (or if you're a wimp, 15 will do)
Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.
Sarah's top 25:
1. I love to read
2. I want to have one book I write get published someday
3. I would love to adopt a child
4. I want to train dogs for a living
5. I would love to rehabilitate abused/neglected horses
6. I love being outside
7. I'm very shy until I get to know you better
8. My kids and my husband are some of life's greatest gifts
9. I am licensed to drive a motorcycle
10. I don't like vegetables but I force myself to eat them anyway
11. If I could live anywhere in the world I would pick PA or the American West
12. I want to visit Australia and stay for a good long vacation so I can explore everything
13. I am terrified of the ocean, swimming pools work quite well for me!
14. I love baseball and feel at home everytime I walk into a stadium
15. I'm a tomboy
16. I enjoy paintball and love the adrenaline rush I get when we play
17. I am extremely competitive (ask Howard!)
18. I am an absolute neat freak
19. I'm not a morning person
20. I love puzzle games like Tetris, Diner Dash, etc where hand/eye coordination has to be quick
21. I love playing games in general and have the repertoire to prove it
22. I LOVE junk food but I'm not supposed to eat it anymore
23. When I was little I wished I was a boy
24. I love being a mom
25. Jesus is life!
Howard's Top 25:
1. I love my family (wife & kids)
2. I want to be my own boss (have enough rentals to support my family)
3. I love going fast and anything that does
4. I used to collect hats
5. I have an older sister
6. Math is my favorite subject
7. I would love to travel
8. I want to enter a poker tournament in my lifetime
9. I enjoy golfing
10. I have a habit of running numbers constantly
11. I wanted to go to college (never did)
12. I want to drive a Sprint Cup car
13. I want to own a home in Myrtle Beach
14. I don't like the cold
15. I have a habit of timing my ride to work (I break my times into quarters)
16. I have a very addictive personality
17. I like to bowl
18. I have a goal to make 45% a year in the stock market
19. I like movies (all kinds)
20. I like to try anything once
21. I would like to have a "game room" someday (old fashioned arcade games)
22. I think and feel old
23. I like playing darts
24. I love sleep
25. I dislike people telling me I have to do something their way

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Chase!

Yesterday was Chase's 2nd birthday. It's so hard to believe our little guy has been around for two years already!
We planned a Chase day for him. He opened his presents in the morning (Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head and car books) and played with the toys he got from his Me-Mom & Pop-Pop and Nee Nee & Poppi. We had hot dogs, homemade french fries and corn for dinner, plus a car cake (egg free of course!) and ice cream. Poor little guy hasn't been feeling too well and ended his day by throwing up twice. :-( He woke up this morning back to his normal cheery self thank goodness!

The boys couldn't resist the glasses. Chase has been trying to put everything on from the Potato Heads which is pretty funny.

The Potatoes watching Chase use his new Magna-Doodle.

Just to brag on our little guy for a minute. He is such a sweetie pie and we couldn't ask for a better son. In the last month his vocabulary has expanded at an astonishing rate. He tells us about paint on the walls, talks about our dining room as if he's always said those words and lets us know that the cat is using his potty in the basement. You never know what he is going to come up with or when he's been listening to you. It's so much fun watching him be able to communicate his thoughts and feelings to us.
Chase also started putting himself down for naps! Last Thursday he said "nappy nap" to me and went upstairs, closed his bedroom door and was quiet. I checked on him fifteen minutes later and he was sound asleep in his bed! He's gone upstairs on his own everyday since then and taken his nap. Incredible!
We're waiting for the next big snow so that he can get outside and run around in it. He loves the snow. His "S's" aren't too good so he tells us its "knowing" outside or that there's "know" on the ground. He can't get enough of the stuff.
We love his new sense of indepence but also the fact that he still reaches for us. I love when he reaches out and takes my hand to walk upstairs or to lead me around the house showing me things. His full on attack hugs are adorable and he makes the best kissing noises. If we hurt ourselves he is quick to give the "hurt" kisses and trusts that we will be all better. I could go on and on. Chase is our "little man" and we are so proud to be his parents. Happy 2nd birthday Bubby!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Doin' Good

Just wanted to offer a quick update on how we're doing. I've fully recovered from my "c". My recovery was so smooth compared to last time and I've been up and raring to go. I do still have type 1 diabetes. It was not just gestational as was sort of hoped. My insulin needs are low but still there. I feel great otherwise and have been cleared by my ob.
Alexa just had her one month well-visit and is up to 8lbs 4oz and grew a 1/2" so she is progressing really well.
The rest of the family is doing great. We're getting ready to celebrate birthday #2 with Chase shortly. Can't wait! Chase is repeating everthing we say anymore. I called myself a "ding-dong" at the dinner table the other night and he blurted out right away "ding-bong!". Howard and I couldn't help it and just cracked up. It's so much fun with him around.
Thankfully, things are going well in our household right now. We're going to try and keep it that way!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Smiles :-)

Well, it has happened...our little girl started flashing her toothless grin at us! We have become cooing, mushy puddles of baby talking mania in an effort to coax another one out. She may be our second child but it hasn't changed the pure delight we get in watching her react to us.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Little Gurrrl

So, our little peanut is one month old already! Unbelievable! She is still such a great, contented, little baby. Her eyes are open a whole lot more which has been so much fun for picture taking! Chase continues to dote on Alexa. Smothering her with hugs and kisses if she starts to fuss. He says "Oh no! Cry!" if she starts crying and will keep saying it until someone comes and rescues Alexa from Chase.
Howard calls Alexa "little girl" a lot. When she fusses he'll say "Little girl, what's wrong?", etc. Chase has picked up on this and now says "little gurrrl" in an adorable voice. He'll keep repeating it to her when he's giving her attention and it's so funny/cute to watch.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Just wanted to get some pictures up here from Christmas. We had a great time with our families. Enjoy the bunch of pictures. I'll be posting more shortly.

Chase waiting to open his stocking on Christmas Eve. He could not wait to dive into the presents he had to look at for a month!

Christmas Eve with Me-Mom and Pop-Pop.

Reading his new books on Christmas morning.

Hanging out with the "big" boys.

I got three seasons of the "Dog Whisperer"!

Howard wasn't expecting to get THAT for Christmas!

Mom and Dad Wright on Christmas Day.

Me, my mom, Alexa and my paternal grandmother on Christmas Day.