Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Visits

We've been having fun catching up with family we haven't seen in a while these last few weeks. My mom's sister, Rebecca, came up from Virginia for a visit on her way up north. It was the first time she got to see her great-niece and nephew. It had also been two years since I (Sarah) had seen her. She's such a pleasure to visit with. Chase warmed up to her and was hamming it up the whole night trying to show off. We were asking him to tell Aunt Becky his name and he refused so someone asked if it was Chuck and Chase said "yeah!". Chase became Chuck for the rest of the night.

Don't they just look like sisters?! They live far apart and yet every time they are together their mannerisms are both similar.
Sisters and sisters-in-law. (Keni is due anyday!)

Howard's nephew Austin was also in for the summer. We were able to get together with him twice while he was here. It was a fun time of playing games and watching the cousins get to know each other. Austin is now 14 but he did great with the kids and Chase made him read books to him each time they were together. Chase still thinks Austin is coming over when we tell him we're having visitors. He doesn't quite get that Washington state is so far away!

Monday, August 17, 2009

We're Still here!

We haven't disappeared in case you were wondering. It has just been a busy last few weeks. Alexa is army crawling/almost full fledged crawling. She has her two bottom teeth in and we think there's another on the way. We have more to share and more pictures to come at a later date so keep checking back. We are enjoying the heat and the A/C!!!