Sunday, October 20, 2013

Clay Time!

We had the awesome opportunity to sign Chase up for a once a month art class with one of the moms from our co-op.
They studied Van Gogh two months ago and worked with real adult clay this past class. We were able to take home some of the leftover clay for the kids to work with at home. Alexa got in on the creating at home and is holding a mouse I helped her make.

                     Chase is showing off the bat he made.

    The neat thing about all this is that he is also how to work with each type of medium and was able to direct me in what supplies he needed to be able to mold, cut, create, etc.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Girl Time

Got to take my girlie girl out for a little mommy/daughter clothes shopping trip last week. We went looking for winter pajamas and stumbled upon the ones for her and her doll. There was no turning back once that happened! She was very pleased!

Monday, October 7, 2013


The story of this collage is somewhat evident from the pictures. My camera was on a multiple shot timer mode and we ended up with this great sequence of Tanner tipping over in his chair. He is most upset because he spilled his drink all over him. His face in the last photo says it all.

     My parents are in for a brief, but oh so sweet, visit. It's been five months since we've last seen them and it will be until after Christmas when we are all together again. To say that I miss them is an understatement.
     Not that long ago, when I was in rebellion to everything, I didn't think I could ever have a good relationship with my parents. Thankfully they never stopped praying for me and trying to bridge the gap between us. Today, I am so thankful for the example they have set for me, for their wisdom and advice, for their listening ear and their love.
      This lady and I struggled the most to find common ground. Amazing how now I see her in me in so many varied and seemingly random ways. She is gracious, self-less & compassionate. Things I struggle with and desire to emulate. I miss her when she is away and I am so very aware of how precious our time together is. Love you mom!

     My sister-in-law has been learning to hula-hoop and contrary to the picture I wasn't doing half bad either! I had so much fun trying to learn to move with her!

     We opted for a completely casual and less posed family picture this time and we had a great time trying out some new ideas!
      Nee Nee being the excellent grandma she is made salt dough ornaments with the kids. They just eat up their time with her! The kids all painted their ornaments and once they are dry will be sealing them with shellac.

     My parents made a humorous little video of commercial clips featuring them for their kids and grandkids to enjoy. The Good N Plenty commercial charmed the grandkids so much that they practiced it with my parents and performed it for the rest of the family. So cute and fun!