Monday, June 22, 2009

Potty Training 102?

The day after my last blog our little man pulled off his first #2 in the potty!!! I knew he had to go that day so I told him he could look at one of my Parents magazines while he was on the potty. I guess that and a promise of a piece of chocolate if he went were too much to resist!
He spent half an hour on his potty looking through the magazine (I could hear the pages turning). I kept checking him and when he finally called me he had done it! When we got out into the kitchen we did a happy dance together because we both were so excited! Since then, Chase only uses a diaper at bedtime (and usually wakes up dry) and has only had a problem with an accident once or twice at naptime. Totally understandable!!! We are so psyched for our little guy! (Not to mention how much money we now save on diapers! Yay!) The most amazing thing? Chase accomplished this in less than a weeks time! Can you tell that we're beaming?! We're so proud of him!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Potty Training 101

I find it hard to believe that the time has come for me to even say that we are potty training Chase! He seemed ready the last week or so and it led me to decide that this past Saturday was the BIG day; thirteen pairs of underwear and about the same amount of shorts later we have had no "accidents" of the number one kind. We can't get it through Chase's head yet that number twos also belong in the potty! All-in-all he has done great up to this point. Chase has earned himself quite a few stickers for all the success, of which he is very proud! We're proud of our "little man" too. Way to go buddy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Six Months

It is so hard to believe that our little peanut is six months old! She is still our little sunshine as you can tell by the pictures. She just lights up at attention! Her growth is right on track. She's in the 50th percentile for height and 25th for weight. We know she's fine but it's always nice to have a professional agree. :)

She's also extremely photogenic. That, or I just happen to have the camera in her face more often than not since I am obsessed with capturing every moment!

Like most kids, Alexa adores the cat. She grabs huge clumps of fur and happily pulls away. I guess she's not strong enough yet because Smokey will purr like crazy and plunk his head as close to her hands as he can get. She might be a "cat whisperer" for all we know because Smokey doesn't like kids!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Memorial Day '09

I am running so behind in posting this picture! This is my (Sarah's) family on Memorial Day. We had a great time. A family whiffle ball game, croquet, pinochle and good food. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NASCAR Race at the Monster Mile

The "Monster"

If you aren't a NASCAR fan you may want to tune out now because this entire post is about the NASCAR race we attended at Dover International Speedway on Sunday.

As a Father's Day gift from me and the kids we bought Howard tickets to the race at Dover. Kendal bought tickets for her and Peter as a gift as well. Howard and Peter have wanted us girls to go with them ever since they first attended a race at Dover, so Kendal and I went along for the experience.

A little NASCAR trivia. It is called the Monster Mile because the race track is infamous for chewing up the tires on the race cars.

For the record, we are Jeff Gordon fans and cheer for the Hendrick Motorsports team (except Earnhardt Jr.). We watch these guys on tv everyweek but it was surreal to watch them walking past us in person.
There is all this talk about fans not liking Jeff Gordon but what I saw in reality was just the opposite. There were tons of people walking around with Gordon hats, shirts, etc. Our seats were right in the middle of a bunch of Jeff Gordon/Jimmie Johnson fans and a lot of people all over the track were rooting for him.

Jeff Gordon walking to his car after driver introductions

Jeff Gordon and his wife Ingrid during interviews

Opening Ceremonies

This was incredible! The little black specks above the American flag were four Air Force jets that flew overhead. We saw them well before we heard them. I kept thinking "they're not as loud as everyone said to expect them to be". Right after they went directly over us the sound hit and it was incredible! There is no way to describe the sound decibel those four planes hit! I stopped taking pictures after this one because I wanted to be able to enjoy the moment.

A pit stop in action

Jimmie Johnson's pit stall was right in front of us!

And Jimmie won the race!

We were sunburned and tired at the end of the day but it was a good time. I have a new apprectiation for what we watch on tv. The best part was getting to spend a day with Howard and two of our closest friends.