Saturday, February 28, 2009


We said we were never going to buy a themed blanket set for our kids. We said we just wouldn't do it! Then we went to the store to buy bedding for Chase and couldn't find anything remotely appropriate for a kid and bought a complete "Cars" themed bed set. Chase's reaction was worth it. We took him to his room to show him the bed and he did a sharp intake of breath and then just started grinning ear-to-ear. He loves going to bed at night because of the cars all over his bed.
Howard and I were both sick last week and decided that we would let Chase watch the movie "Cars" with us since we weren't up to running around. Chase was so excited! It was a real treat because we don't let him watch TV except for NASCAR races. He now knows that his bedding is related to the movie. His favorite part was the tractor tipping that Mater and Lightning McQueen did. He has a toy tractor that he pretends to tip over complete with the sound effects from the movie which is hysterical.
Now, I will say that even though we bought the bedding we aren't going any farther with the theme. Chase loves anything car related which is why the bedding works but we are not going to feed into any "Cars" obsession. A little goes a long way if you know what I mean. :-)

Friday, February 27, 2009


I've really been wanting to learn how to do my own makeup (Sarah not Howard!) so my sister-in-law Kendal set up at appointment at Macy's yesterday. We both got our makeup done and enjoyed an afternoon at the mall. Of course we took before and after shots. I can't believe how different we looked. I've never worn that much makeup in my life! It made me feel really pretty. :-) If the makeup didn't cost so much I would have bought everything they used. Instead Kendal and I are going to try and find good quality makeup for a whole lot less! Then I still have to try to apply it the same way. Stay tuned...

Of course I had to play around with the camera a little too!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


We think someone might be a little jealous of all the cool baby gear Alexa gets to spend time in...

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Somebody got a little carried away and started jumping on the couch while mommy was breastfeeding. They jumped so much they launched over the side of the couch and into the baby's bouncy seat (eye first apparently!). Thankfully everyone survived the ordeal and besides a black eye are already healing. By the way, even at two years old, boys think that black eyes are cool!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Birthday

I am blogging about my birthday a little late. The last few days have just been really busy so this is my first opportunity to sit down and right.
My birthday was an excellent day. I woke up to breakfast in bed (courtesy of Howard) and a "Happy Day, Mommy!" (courtesy of Chase). What a great start! I received a gift card to shop at Kohl's (yay!) and the three newest Diner Dash games which I love. I don't care how dorky that makes me! We went for lunch at Olive Garden (so yum!) and took Chase to Toys R' Us to spend some of his birthday money. Taking a child into a toy store and watching their awe and amazement with every toy is so much fun! Howard bought chicken cheesesteaks for dinner so I didn't have to do any cooking at all. Yay!

He also bought me a Cookie Dough Delirium cake from Cold Stone Creamery. (See pic above) He and Chase sang to me. Chase is so cute because he understands the whole birthday thing a little better because his birthday was eight days prior. He was so excited to sing and he clapped for me after they finished. My friend Andrea actually made 48 miniature Fun Fetti cupcakes and mailed them to me along with icing so that I could have a little something sweet without skyrocketing my blood sugar. I don't get to see her very often so it was such an awesome surprise. Fun Fetti has been my favorite cake since I was a little kid (I LOVE it) so it was so great that she remembered and did that for me. It was the icing to a perfect day. (I'm allowed to be corny once in a while!)

The amazing thing is how well Chase got the hang of birthdays. I was sitting on the couch nursing Alexa the next night and I heard him over at his toy box singing "Happy Day, Happy Daa-aayy" but didn't know what he was doing. He finally got up with the block structure you see in the picture singing "Happy Day" to me! He put the blocks down on the couch and told me to blow out the "candle". I complied and then we both pulled off block pieces of cake and "ate" them. He was so excited to give me the cake. It was so cute! Of course I was completely thrilled that he was doing something special for his mommy.