Friday, January 31, 2014

Fun with Pinterest

I am loving Pinterest right now for the inspiration and ideas I can find for homeschool fun and creativity!
We just made this fun melted crayon art for Valentine's day. It was a little harder than I expected (and messier!) and I ended up finishing this as the kids headed out into the snow again. I enjoyed the time creating in peace just the same.

 This was another Pinterest art project that involves filling up balloons with food dye and water and setting them out in the cold until they freeze. Once frozen you cut off the balloon and place your frozen, colored balls wherever you want some fun color against winter's white.

My last recent find was this fun idea. I used construction paper to do this but would use card stock if I did it more often. Tape a piece of paper to the front of your camera lens with a heart (or whatever shape you want) cut out of it. Voila! You have a fun way to change up your pictures!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

100 Days

We just passed 100 days of school! This year has been much more challenging than last year and I wanted to mark this day with some fun and a break from some of the challenges we have faced this year.
We started the day out with an award congratulating him on 100 days of school and telling him we thought he deserved 100 Grand (ahem, the candy bar, not money!).
We made this fun hat with 10 strips of paper around it. He got to pick 10 different stickers for each strip. The hat reads "I am 100 days smarter".
The highlight of the day was stacking 100 cups. He somehow made it on his first try. And then had to try again. At which time daddy stepped in and had to try his Minute to Win it stacking moves which resulted in a hilarious tumble. :)
We did lots of math using 100. He had to divide crunchy cheese twists between 5 people and then figure out how many more each person was getting when we decided 20 didn't look like much. He filled out a sheet with 100 words that he can read and spell and a 100 Things About Me book.
He also learned that 100 cups do not make a nice even pyramid but that's part of the fun of learning, the discovering. The best part is that his hat has been worn since then and it has a special place in his room. :)