Wednesday, August 24, 2011


He's now a child of God! He made the big decision on Aug. 14. We have talked about this before but I tried to keep the pressure off about it because this needed to be his decision alone. After our regular bedtime routine he made a comment about Jesus living "here" and he pointed to his heart. I replied that yes, Jesus does live in our hearts but we need to ask him to live there and when he was ready someday he could do that. His reply was as serious and certain as I've ever heard him, "I'm ready now, Mom.". Wow! I tried to lead him in the most simple prayer possible and then we shared smiles, high fives, giggles and tears (mine of course!). The best part is the assurance I have seen in him that Jesus now lives in his heart.

I haven't shared much about our summer, we've just been sooo busy but this was worth posting on here!